Saturday, May 31, 2008

You asked for more photos...

Here they are. I had nothing to do with the photo of Liam and Brian in our profile, but it is cute.

Bob & Susan in South Africa again

Three weeks ago we thought about going to South Africa to see our new grandson. Two and 1/2 weeks ago we purchased tickets and now we have been in South Africa for 6 days. Wow, the time flew by.

Liam is as cute as you can imagine. The photos do not do justice for the little guy. Brian and Lois are good parents--they should be after dealing with the 18 Africans here! Yes, we are taking bunches of pictures and holding him as often as possible. We can actually see changes in him over the past few days. He will be walking before you know it.

Susie has been doing her usual chore here of making sure the donated clothing and supplies are organized and in order. The women on the team here from NY have assisted in sorting and carrying the boxes upstairs to the storage "safe." Yes, it is a safe--huge one. Susie talked some of the guys into building her more shelving to help organize the stuff. God has blessed The Pines with clothing and shoes from the US and the means of getting those items here.

Between transportation duties Bob has helped Brian remodel the team dish room/kitchen, install 2 new water heaters and do miscellaneous tasks needed to make the 3rd flat functional. Did you know that water heaters hang on the wall here? Some of them on the outside of the building 10 feet in the air!

As usual, The Pines is a busy place with around 40 people living and working here right now. That includes 18 children, 6 missionary family members, 12 team members, 4 staff, and Susan and me. The third flat was opened on Thursday and Mama Agnes and 4 girls live there now. The 4th flat is nearing completion. The Monroe team did a great job in constructing the flat, there are a few details that need to be completed.

The children here are attending a wonderful Christian School so they are gone most of the day. Bob gladly accepted the job of taking the children to and from school most days. There are 16 children who go to school. Somehow I cannot account for one child but Lois says they are all here. I am sure glad I don't have to keep up with 18 children. If I find out that I have lost one somehow, I will let you know!!

I am attaching a few pictures and will do so in the next few days. Let me know if you enjoy the posts by responding with feedback! Thanks for reading.