Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Pines Christian Care Centre for Children

Our team will be staying at The Pines Christian Care Centre for Children. Here is an aerial photo of The Pines. No, we are not there yet! The pie shaped triangle is the property that was donated to Ambassadors International Ministries to house their orphanage. The L shaped gray roofed building in the center is the 2 story building that is currently being remodeled. This is the building we will be staying in and working on. Brian and Lois Niehoff live here on the second floor and Louis & Amber O'Tool will be living in this building when they arrive in March, 2008.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Team Members and Itinerary

Our team is ready to go to South Africa! Our team members are
Pastor Jim & Gina
Marvin & Dawn
Bob & Susan

We leave the Des Moines airport on Friday, November 30.
Please join us for a time of prayer and send-off at 10:30 am just East of the escalators.

Our team projects include fabricating, welding, painting and installing security gates for The Pines building, construction and installation of kitchen cabinets for the newest staff "flat" (apartment), tutoring The Pines' children, Bible clubs and helping out in any way that comes up. Our team is intent on being flexible and willing to help in any way the Lord leads.

Please pray as we prepare and serve in South Africa. THANKS!