Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Pines Christian Care Centre for Children

Our team will be staying at The Pines Christian Care Centre for Children. Here is an aerial photo of The Pines. No, we are not there yet! The pie shaped triangle is the property that was donated to Ambassadors International Ministries to house their orphanage. The L shaped gray roofed building in the center is the 2 story building that is currently being remodeled. This is the building we will be staying in and working on. Brian and Lois Niehoff live here on the second floor and Louis & Amber O'Tool will be living in this building when they arrive in March, 2008.


Coach Meinders said...

Have a great trip, we'll be praying for you.

TJ and Stephanie said...

Wow. another blog. This is so exciting. Have a wonderful trip. Don't eat the yellow snow.

Joyce Parker said...

Bob, Sue, and The Team,

Have an exciting and blessed trip to South Africa and The Pines!!! Looking forward to the day-by-day account of what the Lord will be doing through you all. I'll be praying for you!!! Grace & peace.

mshoff73 said...

Have a wonderful trip and we are praying for you all. Holly, Pastor and Gina.....Don't spoil those babies too much !!!! Enjoy your camera Gina, I want to see ALL your hundreds of pictures when you get home !!!! Love and Prayers!

carolyn said...

Cannot stop thinking about you! Even though you have not reached your destination yet.....I'm THERE!!

Mary Ruth said...

Mary Ruth Cain
We prayed you through the friendly skies and when we got up this morning we knew you would soon be there. When you landed at 5 your time it was 9:00 here and we were in the midst of a ice storm. Glad you left yesterday. God's timing is always right on. Our power was off but by late morning it was back on. By the way, I was with you on the flight, but you just didn't see me. God has many blessing in store for you. I feel them already! We will be faithfully reading this blog. Give our little girl and our great son-in-law a hug and kiss for us.

Bob said...

South Africa Missions Team,
Glad you finally made it safe and sound to your destination.

You got out of Iowa just in time!
We have had rain and sleet all morning and many were without electricity.

May the Lord bless your efforts there at The Pines.

Bob and Liz Schultz