Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Helping Others

The children here are taught Bible principles to live by and they really eat it up! Today Okuhle (a-cuth-lay) came up to me and asked if I had any jobs to do. I asked why and she explained that the younger kids at The Pines "had to stay here all the time and never get away except for church on Sunday." She wanted to throw a "picnic" for the younger kids on Saturday and she needed 10 rand (about $1.50) to buy some food items to share. It didn't take me long to find a job for her helping me clean a window that really needed it. Here she is standing in front of the 6 foot by 6 foot window that she helped clean. You can't see it but she has 10 rand in her pocket.

Louis is currently at the Bible study with the boys. I am amazed every day how God's Word penetrates the lives of these children.

Today a 15 year old girl came up to me and asked if I would come back for her wedding. A little shocked I said "Yes, when are you getting married?" We then had a discussion about marriage and things she had learned from the BIble about marriage. She finished by saying that Uncle Brian told her that she had to bring the boy that wants to marry her to him so he could ask him many questions! She wants to make sure he is a believer and that he is a good person! She was concerned about men she has known who beat their wives. Wow, what a dedicated girl! She has learned much in her short time here.

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Brandy Lynn said...

Boy oh boy what I miss! Kids were all sick last week so spent little time online. I am so glad you are updating. What a privilege to hear how the Lord is working first hand at the Pines! I am so glad you have had the joy of visiting with family, reacquainting yourselves with old friends and meeting new. And also that you have been having a great time making memories. May the Lord continue to multiply your efforts, and bless your hearts of service. Can't wait to see you, again, though... so don't get to "comfortable" there. At least not this time! :)