Monday, June 2, 2008

All In A Day's Work

So...what is a typical day at The Pines?

Take the children (15 of them) to school.
Take a house mother to class.
Drop off a house mother at the clinic.
Meet with the team of 12 and make sure they all have jobs to do and the materials to do those jobs.
Get propane and fittings to hook up a gas range.
2 hour meeting for Brian, Lois, Louis & Amber
Care for Meredeth and Liam.
Get food for the team.
Take "lost" child to school after having been assured that everyone was on the van on the first trip.
Pick up house mother from class.
Lois checks out 2 ill team members.
Take 2 ill team members to the doctor, stay with them.
Pick up house mother from clinic--who walks to grocery store and cannot be found for 1/2 hour.
Work on Pines payroll.
Work on Pines job tasks lists for missionaries.
Pick up children from school.
Handle visitors who show up at The Pines gate.
Deal with brush fires on 3 sides of The Pines (actually, an annual thing--no big deal!)
Take team members to top of huge mine dump to see sunset at 5:15--yeah, dark that early.
Play with Pines children.
Make arrangements for 2 children and 2 house mothers to go to the clinic tomorrow.
Work with team members--and even after they have quit for the day.

The above list is a normal day for Louis & Amber, Brian & Lois. These are things that I knew about or observed while I was cooped up in the "shop" working on building a kitchen cabinet. I know these 4 did more today but this is the list I can remember at 10 at night. I am impressed with the dedication and hard work of these 4 brave missionaries...all to see God change the lives of these orphaned young people. Wow!

The pictures posted today were taken today. Enjoy--I wish you could be here to see the sights and hear the sounds and smell the smells--and even touch these 20 children that are here. That is something I absolutely will never be able to convey in words and photos. The joy is indescribable.


Brandy Lynn said...

Oh Wow! How I wish...

Lord willing, He will provide us the opportunity to go and serve and minister at the Pines one day! All in His time, though! I'll just have to rely on your overflow for now!

Such a busy schedule! (Not only do you lose the kids, you lose the housemothers too! He He He) I am glad the O'Tools are there now! I couldn't imagine how they got it all done before "reinfocements" came! ;) Thank you for posting lots of pictures. Makes it at least a bit more real for me!

Tell Susie we got 2 more inches of rain this morning... and it's supposed to keep raining all week! It's quite soggy here... See what you are missing? LOL

We are praying for you and thinking of you all the time! Get lots of work done between playing with the children and cuddling the newest one!

Constance said...

Hey Guys,
Thanks to you I can actually imagine myself there~Pass out an extra round of hugs (and kisses to the kiddos) from me and an extra squeeze for Mom-Lois. How's Amber doing? I'm sure she's doing great, but I haven't heard much from her end of things...tell her I hope she' learned from Lois how to at least duck moving vehicles while pregnant!
Oh, and Bob? Spreading ISU down there...that just seems so wrong. They need some purple and gold UW Husky stuff to balance out their wardrobe! May God continue to shower the Pines with Blessings and opportunities and all you workers with discernment of priorities (like hugs). :)
Continued love and prayers!