Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weather and Other Stuff

Ok, it is fall here and there is the smell of burning leaves and brush in the air. Some of the trees are turning fall colors and the sun is low in the sky casting those wonderful fall shadows. This is so confusing--Lois said she feels like she should be getting ready for Christmas--and she has been here for 2 years. Tonight it will get to about 40 degrees. We went out for supper and had to keep our coats on . We visited some friends and their house was so cold we had to keep our coats on and we were still cold. BRRRRR. At least the days are beautiful--sunny and warm (65-70) if you are in the sun like I was today. Yesterday was rainy 1/2 the day but that is unusual. I will finish the cabinet tomorrow and start on a kitchen table. Will put pictures on the blog if you are interested.

The children have chores to do after school each day. Today they were raking leaves and cleaning the area around their flat. Yes, even the ladies all use these short brooms and bend at 90 degree angle--it is a wonder they are not permanently stuck that way by the time they are 20. The children love to have their picture taken.

Brian, Louis and the team installed the fence at Reahola today. Next week they will do the playground. Susie completed a huge set of curtains for B&L's flat today. Lois has been working on her nurse stuff--writing instructions to the housemom's as to how to dispense the ARV meds for the children. Occasionally she takes care of Liam--when Susie will let her (mostly feeding time). I even saw Brian changing Liam today--he is a great dad--don't know where he gets that.

Thanks for your prayers for us and B&L and L&A. Just yesterday we learned of 2 more childern in the area accepting Christ as the result of a Bible club. They are going to bring their mom to talk to Louis & Amber. She is in desperate need of a Savior and her newly saved daughters want to help! Our enemy would love to see problems here. Your prayers are vital.

Tomorrow I will try to take pictures of the area and get a few on the blog.


Abigail said...

It's weird for me to see you mention SA being cold--it's forever sunny and time to swim in my mind! :) Glad to hear you're getting things accomplished for Brian and Lois' flat. I'd love to see some pictures, Bob! Last time I saw it, things were still unfinished. As for here at home, it's been nothing but rain, rain, rain! I'm actually looking forward to some sun in New Mexico, because it doesn't really feel like summer here. Miss you! Give all the kids a big hug from me! :)

Brandy Lynn said...

Oh! I LOVE the sights and smells of Autumn! That's my favorite season! How fortunate for you... but I'm sorry you have been chilly! LOL... I'd have to disagree with Abby here! "I" think it's definitely summer here... in the humid 80 degree days... but she's right- it's VERY rainy here at night... more like Spring. He He He

I would also love to see pics. Bob! It's exciting to see what you can accomplish. And, you do such great work!

I had to laugh, because I didn't realize the broom was a broom... I thought it was a cricket stick or something at first! (rolling eyes) If it were me, I'd probably only sweep once a week if I had to use THAT!

How did the finances turn out for the lady at Reahola. (Sorry, I forgot her name just now...) Is she still in need of help? For some reason, I missed that bit of info. until today.

Praising the LORD for the salvation of the two girls! Exciting!!! What a wonderful work (and reward) of the Savior! I will be praying for the meeting with the mother, and for her spiritual need!

Oh, and one last thing before I sign off my novelette... How did Brian get to be such a great dad??? He's had a great mom!!! LOL! I am just joking! However, he did learn how to be a dad/husband, by watching YOU be one! So you must not be all THAT bad, huh? We can be thankful that the Lord uses our strengths and our weaknesses! (wink)