Friday, June 6, 2008

Welkom, school and fun

The pictures of town are Winpy's--like McD's, the meat market and school. The children attend a private school and are loving it. The government school they attended last year did not further their education so they were moved to Dunamis school in December. They all love it and are doing well.

Hmmm, all I see around here are ISU apparel. Hmmm.

Tonight we all went to one of the girl's flats and celebrated the birthday of housemother Sylvia. I was sitting on the floor on my knees and Cebisile squeezed herself between me and the couch (it was rather crowded) and pushed her way in front of me and sat on my lap. Talk about melting your heart! This is the girl who came to The Pines March 30, 2007 weighing 13 lbs and on her death bed. Today she is a healthy chunk and gets around like any 3 year old. She will talk if she is comfortable but doesn't talk much.


Brandy Lynn said...

I like the photos. Do any of the kids even know what ISU is??? LOL I'm wondering, does Windpy's taste as bad as Mc D's??? How sweet to have Cebisile literally squeeze herself onto your lap! I have so enjoyed seeing her progress through updates and picture, and praise God for the progress. In saving the life of that sweet little girl, I can only imagine what He must have for her to do one day for His glory!

I enjoy seeing the updates, and the pictures are always a bonus. Thank you again for sharing your trip with all who are interested.

Brandy Lynn said...
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Mrs.A said...

Thank you for your updates and pictures. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Please tell Brian and Lois they and their work are being prayed for.

We are also praying for a safe return trip for you next week.

Jenny and Merlin Anderson