Monday, March 7, 2011


Good Morning!
Off and running again today. We all have breakfast at our respective houses and meet for team devos at 7:30. Today we looked at our goals from Phil 4:2-3: being a team player and being willing to do any task that's asked of us. It's a good reminder to do every job with a joyful heart!

We visited The Pines on Sunday afternoon. It was neat to see how many more children are there now -- approx 30 -- and to see some familiar faces. We took a quick tour of the facility, but spent most of our time playing with the kids. We also got to see all the illegal aliens digging for gold around the area (Bob shared this prayer request last Wednesday night). The family who runs the Pines now said they don't feel threatened, despite the miners close proximity. However, they are still in danger of the water and electricity being cut off. There are 2 wells already dug on the property that they're looking into using.

Sunday night was spent eating snacks outside and playing games at Louis and Amber's. Oh, and trying to stay up late to fight the jet lag.

Monday was a work day. A friend of Brian and Lois - Lawrence- stopped by yesterday. He looked at our team of mostly girls and said, "You have the perfect team to finish all these details!" God knew just who needed to be a part of this team to get the jobs done. :) Mallory, Laurie, and Andrea were sent to paint designs in the children's house. Amanda and I helped Louis cement and smooth the exterior of Brian and Lois' house. Tonya painted and sanded the trim for the children's house. Ellen helped to scrape letters off of the container. Jeff and Bob trimmed the doors. Chris helped fix the lawn mower.

Please pray for this week to be exceptionally productive. The inspector will be going on vacation for a month, so the children's house must be finished by then! The bathroom, kitchen, and flooring must all get done.

Andi, Laurie, Mal and I just got back from hospice. About 10 children ages 4-5 come twice a week to a daycare in Welkom. Lois and Amber go every Tuesday to help. Today, Mal taught the story of Jesus calming the sea through a translator, which was fun. Mal would say a few words, and the translator would speak for a couple minutes; she definitely made the story her own! We did a couple of games and a craft. The kids really enjoyed playing with the magnetic fishing pole and the magnetic fishes. The children also sang several songs for us! We love the energy and excitement in their faces and voices.

Almost time for lunch, then more work! :)
-Abby for the Team

Photos will come later! :)


reeces said...

An awesome God, working through His willing children. Praying for you all. Love, The Reeces

Sophie said...

Praise the Lord for your servant hearts! Praying for you!