Thursday, March 10, 2011


We're all tired and weary tonight. Lots of work has been accomplished, and we are READY for a day off tomorrow. We will do some shopping in Welkom to buy gifts for children in hospice and the hospital. After lunch, we'll pack up a supper and head to a Lion Park for a tour, a barbecue, and a chance to play with lion cubs. Excited for that!

Andi, Mal, Laurie, and I finished painting Brian & Lois' house today. It's satisfying to see the project finished. Ellen and Tonya stained doors and trim, as well as painted the floors in the children's house. Jeff put up soffit. Chris spent the day at Morning Star, which is a daycare for HIV positive children. Amanda worked all day in Amber's garage sorting clothes for future RHI kids. Louis worked on plumbing in the children's house. Bob worked on trim, doors, and the kitchen.

The inspector came by yesterday and said that everything looked fine, and that we didn't need to have him check anything more. It is a huge blessing not to have that deadline hanging over us! But the girls -- Monica & Lerato -- will probably be able to move into their house next week. Lois also hired the first two house mamas today; they are very sweet. It's cool to be here for this phase of RHI. Seeing all the hard work come to fruition and seeing God's plan be fulfilled is amazing. We've witnessed many instances of His sovereignty: choosing these two couples for this ministry, bringing Monica & Lerato to them, and a team of MANY girls to complete some big projects. We are blessed to be a part of His plan for The Village.

Prayer Requests:
-to complete the work projects quickly
-to be an encouragement and blessing to the missionaries. The couples have put in some LONG hours this past month. We want to give them some rest and refreshment.
-to rejoice in every circumstance

Thanks for your prayers. We can tell they're working. :)
Love from the Team,

1. South African Sunset
2. Bob & Monica
3. Monica in "her room" -- where her bed will be.
4. Drake joining the girls for a makeover
5 Jeff & Alex working hard
6. You can take the girl out of Iowa, but you can't take Iowa out of the girl! :)
7. Children's house


The Funky Life Of Holly said...

Hi Abs!I heart you and miss you! praying for you and the team!! I wish I was there! Can't wait till you get back!!:)

Love Holls

painted heart said...
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South Africa Missions said...

i LOOOOOOVE you too, Holls! Miss you tons! We're going to pet baby lions today, and I'm thinking of you.
<3 Can't wait to tell to all about everything!

Larry and Judy said...

Wow! You are getting lots done there - PTL!! Continuing to pray for all of you.

Hiz Dotter said...

Are those BROWNIES and SWEET CORN?? Love seeing your smiles girls!