Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hello to all our friends & family! Today is our first full day in Welkom, South Africa. Chris & Jeff are staying at Val & Donnie's; Andrea, Mallory, and Laurie are staying at Louis & Amber's; Bob is staying at Brian and Lois'; and Amanda, Ellen, Tonya, and I are staying in the container. We got up this morning, had some breakfast, and met at church. Our team sang special music, and taught the song to the church. Thankfully, we picked a great and EASY song called, "Praise God."
The children got up and sang, "Only a Boy Name David," and the teenagers sang a medley of songs African style;it was awesome! Then all kids 10 & under went outside for children's church, taught by Andi, Mal, & Laurie. Louis preached from John 5, and after the service, 3 boys came up to him and said they wanted to be saved! We pray that their confessions of faith were genuine. Bob was extremely encouraged to see that church attendance has risen since he left a month ago.
Most of the team is walking around downtown Welkom this afternoon, and later, we'll go tour The Pines. Pray that we will all sleep soundly tonight; many of us are feeling VERY drowsy this afternoon.

Love to you all!
-Abby for The Team


Bob and Sue said...

Ahem, there Abby, the 4 girls are staying in the "Evergreen Lodge," It just looks like a container on the outside! Thanks for writing the blog. Nice job!

Will Mitchell said...

Praise the Lord! what an awesome way to start off your trip! Praying for you guys!

Don & Jean said...

We are just praising the Lord for a safe trip and a joyous start to your time there! God is so amazingly good!!! We're praying and looking forward to hearing what He does next...

Pastor & Jeanie