Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Another day! It's nice and cool this morning; not too hot! I heard that our Iowa friends have been getting some snow . . . We've been getting some nice sunburns. :)

Devos this morning were about rejoicing ALWAYS. Yesterday was a great day to learn that lesson -- several things came up that were unplanned, and the day was a little hectic. Thankfully, we have an extremely flexible team that goes-with-the-flow.

Tonya and Ellen spent the day painting/staining door in the children's house, and cementing cracks in these holes in the ground (I don't know what they're called or what they're for :) ). Andi, Mal, Laurie, and I took most of the day and primed Brian and Lois' house. Bob and Jeff helped put a sealant on the floors in the children's house, and continued work on the doors. Amanda and Louis finished cementing and smoothing the side of the Niehoff house. Chris watered the plants on the property and also helped in the children's house. I babysat Lindie in the afternoon while Lois interviewed and met with the prospective house mothers. Ellen and I have volunteered to do all the cooking for the team; so far, no one has died. :)

There are a lot of jobs to be done! Several men from Welkom arrived yesterday to dig the foundation for a workshop. They are here working again today. Yesterday, our challenge from morning devotions was to be willing to help with any task. But I have to say, I'm thankful I don't have to dig in the South African dirt with a shovel in the hot sun . . . maybe next week. :)

We're making some fun plans for the weekend; we'll visit a lion park and have a barbecue there on Friday night. We'll visit the townships, tour Thabong, canvas for the church, and eat lunch at a local restaurant on Saturday.

Prayer requests: Bob's back has been really bothering him. Pray for less pain as he works. Pray for encouragement and energy for Amber as she cares for her two kids and the two girls living with them; it's a lot of work! Pray for the two house mothers that will be hired today. And pray that we can get everything completed for the inspector's visit on Friday.

We miss you all. Love,
Abby for the Team

PS - you can see from a couple of the photos the area that's been dug up by the illegal miners, which is near The Pines.

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Hiz Dotter said...

This shows it truly is about feeding the sheep...not entertaining goats. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Love seeing HIS work through the photos.