Thursday, December 13, 2007

Almost Done!

After another long day of tiling, we are almost done with the kitchen! Yesterday the entryway and hallway were tiled and prepared for grout. Dawn and Gina did a little more painting and Suzie cut tile. Rose, Holly, and I worked in the garden in the morning and swam a little in the afternoon. We had a nice evening out at a local restaraunt; we celebrated Cebesile's birthday! The waiters were very friendly and sang two different birthday songs to her. It was good entertainment! There's only a little work left, so pray that our knees and muscles will hold out as we finish today.

The closer we come to the end of the project, the more bittersweet I feel. I love that we have been able to take on a huge task, and by the grace of God, have (almost) been able to complete it. It has been wonderful to see Brian and Lois work together in ministry. How neat to see people I have grown up with, friends, serve the Lord and impact others for Christ. The children here are bright, funny, outgoing kids who are excited about life and excited to learn about Jesus.

At the same time, the needs at The Pines and in South Africa are so great. How selfish I am to even consider my own wants when people here are dying and in need of the gospel of Christ! How can we leave? I feel choked up even writing about good-bye!

This morning, our plans are to grout the tile, put on all the drawer fronts, and put in the counter top. We hope to finish by lunch time and then spend the afternoon doing some souvenir shopping in Welkom and playing with the kids. Gina plans to go back to Reahola and follow-up with the boy she led to Christ on Monday. Tonight, we are having a barbecue with all the children and house mothers. It will be a fun last day at the Pines!

We miss you all, but I am not ready to come home! For now, I am off to grout.

Abby for the Team


RCW said...

I haven't seen any more pictures of Marvin working. He didn't find a combine and fall asleep under it did he??? :-)
Bob W.

Louis O'Tool said...

Hey everyone,
I took a few minutes to catch-up on the last three posts. Thank you all so much for the work you've done, and the willingness to go. Amber & I are looking forward to being there soon ourselves.

We are already trying to teach Meredith that on the airplane she will sleep, read books, and watch movies, not jump, dance or be loud.

Praying that your return trip goes well. See you all soon.

Lori Jean said...

I know you want to stay Ab, but remember Dad said you have to come home. We can't wait to see your pics and hear all your stories. We love & miss you!!