Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whoever calls upon the name of the LORD shall be saved!

The top photo is of all the people who were residents of The Pines. Actually, there should be one more since one of the house mothers is on holiday. The other photos are of our outreach Bible club at Reahola.
Yesterday was sunny once again, and we were all glad because we were able to have Bible club! Due to the rain on Saturday, we had to cancel. So, we decided to make up the day on Monday.

Games were crazy! There were at least 70 children present! Thankfully, Kara, Katherine, and Suzy were able to take the smaller ones aside and play duck-duck-goose. The older kids enjoyed playing steal the bacon and (Sparky)in and out. After game time is song time. Dawn, Holly, and I taught the children "Bind Us Together," earlier in the week, and it was definitely a hit! The kids just love to sing songs. After singing is our Bible lesson from Gina. She does a wonderful job, and praise the Lord, a little boy accepted Jesus Christ as His personal Savior! Gina shared a story with the children and gave an invitation just before she prayed. She told the children that if anyone wanted to talk more about Jesus, they should come up and stand next to her while she was praying. When we all opened our eyes, a little boy was standing at her side! Gina was able to share the plan of salvation and pray with him. How wonderful that the gospel is simple enough for a child!

No news will seem exciting after THAT, so I will share a prayer request with you.

Holly went to the doctor yesterday, and he told her that she has South African sore throat. He said that it is like tonsillitis, but worse! He gave her some strong antibiotic, some anti-inflammatory, some throat lozenges, and some vitamins to drink. However, a couple of hours after her first dose of medicine, she broke out in Hives. Then again today, after breakfast, she got Hives again! We went to see the pharmacist, and he told her to keep taking it for one more day, just to ensure that her Hives are actually from the medicine. Her throat is feeling somewhat better, but she is very tired. She is also feeling discouraged. Please keep Holly in your prayers!


mshoff73 said...

We are praying for you,Holly. We are so sorry you feel so bad. What a time to be sick! Love you ! Aunt Saundra

Melissa said...

Praise the Lord for the salvation of that boy!! Holly- I'm praying for you! I hope you feel better. I'll pray that God will give you strength.

LeRoy & Lila said...

Gina, we know that you are thrilled with the salvation of this little boy. God is answering our prayers.
The O'Tools were at Swordbearers last night. The kids enjoyed the power point and had many questions and comments about the children and places on S. Africa. WE are missing you, but getting along with lots of good help. We are so thankful the weather was ok so we could have club. We had freezing rain during the night and G.C. and Panorama schools are closed today. Isn't the Lord Good?
Holly, Sorry you are not feeling well. Will be praying that you recover quickly so you can enjoy serving the Lord there.

RCW said...

Holly, I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I will make sure to say something at Sparks tomorrow night. I know the girls will feel bad for you. I will tell them to pray for you before they go to bed. On another note.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS!! Man are you ever getting old!!! You are catching up to me!!!

RCW said...

Sorry.. I forgot to say something elso to Holly!! I bet you found a "friend" down there like we were talking about!! I bet he gave you the sore throat!! HEE! HEE!
LOVE YOU!! And I'm praying for you!!
Bob W

Keith and Tamre said...

We have been praying for you guys and will keep on praying. Thanks for the updates!

Mark & Mary Lynn said...

Holly glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Hope your rash will go away and you will be feeling good to fly home. Bob--thanks for calling and let me know how Holly was doing.

All of the schools in this area were canceled because of the ice and snow we received today. South of Des Moines had the most ice. There were towns without electricity. Some of the towns still are without. It is to be a little warmer tomorrow (maybe 30). Doesn't it sound warm to you?

It was good to hear you had a good Bible Club and the boy's salvation. Praying for you all!

Mark & Mary Lynn