Wednesday, December 12, 2007

work, Work, WORK

Yesterday was a day of WORK! Everyone helped to tile the kitchen, finish varnishing and sanding the cabinets, paint the walls, and scrape the mud out of the cracks to get ready to grout. I think we all slept hard last night!

The tiling job proved to be a little more difficult than we had anticipated, as the cement floor was definitely not level. We were continuously pulling up tiles because they were not laying flat. Today we will tile the entryway, hallway, and inside the pantry. Pray that the South African mud will cooperate!

The painting is basically finished. We still have to paint the ceiling in the nursery, the hall, and the wall of the pantry. We may also have to sand and varnish the cabinets once more before they are done.

Everyone was able to pitch in yesterday. Suzie is an excellent tile cutter. Bob, Marvin, and Brian laid most of the tile. Gina and Dawn painted the walls and trimmed. Jim was the mud mixer. Holly and I handed tile to the men and did general "gopher" jobs. Rose swept and helped Dawn with lunch. No matter what ability level, each one could help out and get dirty.

Dawn, Holly, and I took the kids swimming again yesterday afternoon. They all love to swim! It's work just to get them out of the pool at the end of the afternoon! Mokhosi and Mpho cannot swim on their own yet, but have discovered that if they jump into the pool with a noodle, they don't need any help! They refer to the noodle as their "horse," are constantly shouting things like, "Yee-haw!" and "Giddy-up, horse!" They were pretty proud of themselves.

Much work was done yesterday; the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day was good for everyone. It makes the sore muscles worth it! Pray that we can complete the kitchen today. It will be nice to leave here knowing that God has allowed us to finish the job we came to do.

Abby for the Team


RCW said...

Abby.. I have to tell you... I think you could be a journlist!! You do an excellent job on this blog. Thank you very much!! By the way.. have you and Holly been harrassing Lois?? I hope so!! Be carefull tho cause since she is older now she might be alittle more grouchy!!
We are praying for you all!!
Bob W.

LeRoy & Lila said...

Abby, I agree with Bob, you are doing a great job. I could just picture all of you working like beavers doing your own job. WE are thankful that you got the tile laid in the kitchen. That is alway a job with a challenge, Congratulations!! We are almost counting the hours until you start home, but will be praying that you do get your projects ALL finished.

Mark & Mary Lynn said...

Abby---I agree also with your writing. You are doing a excellent job! We are enjoying reading what you are doing each day. Can't believe it is about time for you to come back to snowy Iowa. The weather may be a shock to your system when you get back.

Praying for you all!
Mark & Mary Lynn