Sunday, December 9, 2007

From a Pastor's Point of View

From a Pastor's perspective,

After my devotions this morning in Mark, I was pleased to see our team doing what Jesus taught His disciples about ministering to children. That is the main emphasis here. The work with the children in Reahola (a housing settlement) touches the lives of many young people who otherwise would not be touched. For example, Gina was able to use the candy cane as a way to share the gospel for Bible club. The children at the Pines not only are taught, but have a part in reaching other children. It's a pleasure to see these orphans ,who not long ago, didn't know a thing about the Lord, now singing hymns, quoting verses, and answering Bible questions. God is working, and you are all part of His work.

Our devotions with our team each morning are centered around the attributes of God. Each team member is required to pick an attribute from a list and share with us how it applies to us as we serve Him here. They have all done a very good job. Our team goal has been to "know Him" as we minister and are ministered to.

Sunday was a good day of worship with South African believers of all colors. Brian and Lois' pastor was a little under the weather, so he asked me to do the evening service. What a joy!

We all appreciate your prayers for our team as we represent you. Jim


Louis O'Tool said...

What is this "Pines" you speak of? Can you send me more information? It sounds like a bang-up good time.

Louis O'Tool said...

I heard Lois installed a switch-blade in the bottom of her crutches. Long John Silver once killed a man with his crutch.

Will Mitchell said...

hello everyone! I just wanted you to know we are praying for you all. Especially Holly!
Another ice storm should be coming tonight so I know you will all miss that too!


LeRoy & Lila said...

How we are enjoying the pictures that you have been showing. I know it is just a little of what you will have to show us when you get home. Looking forward to seeing them ALL.
Good to see that Pastor is getting his BABY FIX even though he is away.
It is 20 degrees with trees covered in frost (beautiful) at 10:45 am Monday. Looking forward to the O'Tools at Swordbearers.
Abby keep up the good blogs, we love to hear what is going on.

Wayne & Vanessa said...

Pastor glad to see you're staying in practice. Faith is jealous of the other baby:) Lookng forward to seeing you and Gina next week. Praise the Lord He is blessing your trip.

Caitlin said...

Hey Holly and Abby:)
Abby, I have so many stories for you when we see each other again;) I also wanted to let both of you know that Evan and Bri got engaged this weekend! The story is really cute, so make sure somebody tells you about it when you get back. I just thought I'd fill you in so you guys didn't feel too out of the loop! It's freezing here! Some warm African sun would be nice about now:) Praying for you!