Monday, December 3, 2007

Birthday in Africa

I (Gina) celebrated my birthday in Africa today. The ladies made me a special cake and bought me CHOCOLATE candy. The kids all made me birthday cards. The kids made if a fun birthday.

There was some productive activity also. The men started construction on the cabinets and worked on windows. The ladies went shopping (that was an experience) and altered on drapes.

It is a joy to interact with the kids. They try to say my name and I try to say theirs. See if you can pronounce some of them...Mpho, Lehlohonolo, Refiloe...see what I mean?

It was warm here today. A little warmer than Iowa is right now. The kids, Abby and Holly went swimming. I'll sign off for now. Send us greetings from back home. Birthday girl, Gina.


mshoff73 said...

Happy Birthday Gina !!
They learned really fast that CHOCOLATE is a very special gift for you !!! We are praying for all of you. Check the blog every day !! Thanks so much for sharing !!

Mark & Mary Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Gina!
Sounds like you had a great day.

Holly & Abby -- Remember the sunscreen! Don't want you to come back burnt! Sounds like you are having fun. Praying for you all.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Gina!
What a wonderful place to celebrate your birthday! I can't wait to hear about all that God did and will continue to do in your life through this trip.

See you soon!


LeRoy & Lila said...

Happy Birthday Gina,
It was so good to see you with the kids and having such a good time, chocolate and all.

We had a good group out for Swordbearers (as usual I didn't have time to count). The kids were very attentive during the Missionary story. Ann and Frances led the singing. All went well except for S-A-L-V-A-T-I-O-N, and I couldn't help as I never see the visual.

We had 13 degrees this morning and a high of 40. Julia said she would be glad to have part of your 80 degree weather.

Miss you already. Lila & LeRoy

Craig B. said...

Considering the International Date Line, Will you be getting older or younger when you return?

I was watching "Man vs. Wild" on TV last night, and he was in the Panamanian rain forest. He ate termites! Will you be sampling any of the "local quisine"? By the way, no turtle hunting! You never know what might be in the water there.

P.S. I know you're anxiously awaiting this news; Bo Pelini is the new football coach at Nebraska. Go Big Red! Happy days are here again.

Sounds like you are getting right into the swing of things. I am so pleased they made a birthday cake & help you celebrate your birthday. God is so in control of everything getting you out before the storm. Have a great time & bring back lots of pictures. I am sure you have all their names down by now as you have such a brilliant memory. Love you

beckwith said...

Happy Birthday Gina
What a memory to cherish forever.
Frank and I both are housebound with this ice and cold weather. We enjoy the children coming to visit us. Children are the same the world around. TO BE LOVED Give them a extra hug from us.
Praying for you.
Phyllis and Frank