Friday, December 7, 2007

Welding, Cabinets, and a Bible Club

Hello Friends and Family!

I'm sure you will be glad to know that it is considerably cooler here this morning. I'm actually wearing long sleeves! It looks like it will be a rainy, dreary day. Hopefully this afternoon will be clearer.

It was brought to my attention today that I have been forgetting to mention an important member of our team-Jim! Sorry Jim! He is usually separate from the rest of the group during the day, so we do not see him much. Jim has been using his welding skills to make new bars for the windows. He was also able to repair the door that was broken in Lois' accident several weeks ago. His leadership during our morning devotions is also greatly appreciated. Each member of our team is taking turns to lead them, and Jim is an "overseer" of sorts. We are all thankful for the way he leads. Thanks Jim!

Marvin, Bob, and Brian spent more time working on the kitchen yesterday. They made drawers and finished the cabinet doors. All the guys were thankful for a break though, when we all went to Reahola in the afternoon to do a Bible club.

Holly and I were in charge of games, Dawn led the singing, and Gina gave a Bible lesson. She was able to use the candy cane as an illustration--the kids loved their treat afterwards! With about 60 kids to keep track of, Bob, Marvin, Jim, and Rose were helpful in keeping track of everyone. I thought I'd put it a special note for all the Sparky AWANA leaders (Bob Wright): the game where the kids pass the balloon through their legs, and the last child sits on it and pops it, was a HUGE hit! We may even play it again today!

Right now, Bob and Suzie are making pancakes and eggs for everyone. We are going to leave at 9 am for a driving tour around the area. We will see the dump, the cemetery, the flea market, and visit a shanty-town with a name that I cannot spell. :-)

Hope all is well at home. Are you loving that snow?
Abby for the Team


LeRoy & Lila said...

Dear Abby and Team,
Keep up the good work, we so enjoy receiving your blogs and learning what is going on there in Africa.
SNOW, LeRoy said it is not something to love, just something to be moved. It is Sat. ll:35am and it has been sleeting here for over an hour and 15 degrees. Don't you wish you were here? Enjoy your long sleeve weather.
Praying for you. Love, Lila

Mark & Mary Lynn said...

Hello from Snowy Iowa! Glad to see some pictures of the guys working. Glad to hear you had a great number of kids for the Bible Club. I know all of you will have a lot of stories to tell. Can't believe it has been a week since you left.

It was nice to hear your voice on the phone Holly, since I missed your call last Saturday. I even got to hear you talk Bob twice, since I was at Joel and Stephanie's both times when you called there. I was there today picking up some scrapbooking items when you called. It was fun hearing Eli talking to you. I even got to hear all of the kids say "Hi!".

Praying for you all!
Mark & Mary Lynn

RCW said...

I was glad to see some pictures of Marvin actually working!! We all know he usually sleeps under his combine!! By the way Marvin I borrowed the keys and took your combine for a spin hope that was OK. I did a couple of donuts in your front yard. Whatever that thing is that sticks so far out in the front kinda took out some trees. Nothing major tho!! HEE! HEE!